Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shopping today!

So today I took a trip to the mall. Now, I really hate going to the mall up here at college, because I have no car and it's a 1 hour bus ride each way. It's also somehow always raining on the days I decide to take this journey. So, I tramped through the rain and 2 bus stops to the mall and I beleive I made it worth my while: check out that haul over on the left. CLEARANCE, my friends. Everything in that picture cost $1 each. Mmmmm, I sense upcoming craftiness! (Not that I haven't been crafting my butt off - I made at least 50 new items this weekend alone. Pics later.) I also stocked up at Jo-Anns since we don't have one in Louisville, and bought 14 packs of buttons. I hope that will tide me until summer! I've still got 5 pairs of earrings to make for a wholesale order, and I ought to make at least 10 for the craft fair, considering they're kind of my favorite and most iconic item aside from my BITCH wallets. I've been making some new designs and I really want to start selling them, too. Ah, what I need is more time! Anyway, I'll spare you pics of the rest of my purchases, because who wants to see pics of glue, keychain rings and tablecloths anyway?
Coming up next week: craft fair preperation pics! I've been taking pics, folks. I'm just too darn busy to write about it right now! Stay tuned!


Tizzalicious said...

Oh god, those buttons! I looked for buttons yesterday too, but they only had boring ones :(

Always Amy said...

I do that too! haha I love hitting the clearance racks at Claire's & the other girly shops in the mall. Then I take it home & tear it all apart. Good find!

Saph said...

Pretty neat stuff!! Do you make any bracelets and stuff for little girls?
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