Monday, June 28, 2010

Trend Report: "Antique Romance"

One style that I've noticed trending this season is what I call "Antique Romance." The colors are nude, sand, cream, shell-pink, late afternoon sun, straw, peach, taupe, pearl. The hand is gauzy-soft, impossibly delicate, with practically unfinished, ruffled edges and lace detail. This is what romantic-era farmer's daughters wore around their moderately wealthy family estates: soft, flowing chemises; ruffled peasant tops and blouses; simple, frothy dresses.

Where can you find this look without breaking the bank? Here are a few places (excluding the items shown in my Polyvore trend board - click here to view them). You can find another awesome post about this trend at Cupcakes and Cashmere.

-Jewelry and Accessories-
Pink Rose Ring, $3.80
Pearlescent Cluster Ring , $3.80
Sheer Rosette Pearl Bobby Pins
Mesh Flower Pearl Necklace, $5.80
Rose Pearl Necklace, $8.80

Flowy Draped Top
White Tank with Ruffled Leaf Detail

-Dresses and Skirts-
Tiered Ruffled Skirt
Peach and White Ruffled Chiffon Cocktail Dress, $13.50
Pink Frilly Flirty A-Line Party Dress, $29.99
Peach Ruffle Neck Corsage Dress, $33.00

Camel-Color Lace Open Toed Booties, $79.98

To complete the look, style your hair and makeup subtley: peachy eyeshadow, a nude pink lip, and whispy, whimsical hair. Try this look, from the Alexander Wang s/s 2010 show:

Blow dry hair upside down for extra body and volume - you can also use a volumizing mouse like root pump volumizing spray mouse from Big Sexy hair. Then sweep or flip all of your hair over to one side. Seperate the chunk closest to your face and create a cowlick with either a round brush and a blowdrier, or a curling iron (tousle afterwards for a more natural look if you iron). Leaving the cowlicked section hanging free (or if your hair is all one length, very loose), braid the rest of your hair loosely in front of your shoulder, starting just below your ear. Braid all the way to the end, stopping roughly an inch from the ends of your hair. Secure with an elastic. Starting with the hair just above the elastic, use your fingers to pinch a section of braid and pull it out slightly, loosening the braid. Continue pulling sections outward gently (Don't pull them all the way free from the braid) until your braid is the same thickness all the way from top to bottom (you will need to pull more at the bottom unless you have very thick hair!) Finally, pull some whispy pieces of hair from the unbraided side for a tousled, relaxed look. (Does this make sense? If not, I can make a video tutorial.)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Inspiration Post Part 2

My mom is asleep on my guest bed in my apartment - my first real visitor here in Newburyport! I should have several more over the next few weekends though. Time for more inspiration! As before, if a picture belongs to you and you want it removed or linked with credit, just ask! Now, onto the inspiration pics.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Inspiration Picture Post Part 1

I like pictures. A lot. If I see a picture I like on the internet, I save it. I have a large amount of indexed, carefully catologued and organized folders with titles like "Crafty Crafts," "Fashion ETC" and "Fun Pictures," each with a zillion subfolders. Things I save routinely include beautiful pictures of: fashion inspiration, outfit inspiration, artwork, cakes and cupcakes, delicious food in general, beautiful hair, well-applied makeup, inspirational craft projects, interior design, and "Secrets" - like PostSecret. (Bonus: I also have a folder of 500+ funny images, GIFs and memes from my travels on the interwebz, but they aren't especially pretty or inspirational, just hilarious.) I've decided that since my giant collection of pictures is pretty much gathering figurative dust, that I ought to share it with you, dear readers. So as a thanks for reading this silly little blog of mine (or skimming it or whatever), I am embarking on a journey to show you the Very Best of my inspirational collection. It will take many posts, and possibly days, weeks, even months. But it will be worth it. *cue inspirational music* Now then. Let's get started, shall we? In no particular order ....

Note: If one of these pictures belongs to you and you would like credit and/or a link to go along with it - or are requesting its removal, please don't hesitate to ask! I'm happy to comply, and thank you for the inspiration. Similarly, if you are looking for the source of a picture, just ask, and I will try to remember!