Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Giveaway Drawing Video and Winner

So my boyfriend and I documented our proccess of drawing the winning entry for the Mario Mushroom giveaway! First, we had a fluke and picked 000 as the winniner comment #. The next time was, thankfully, succesful, and here is our (rather dark and muffled, I'm afraid) video of the experience:

So the winner of the giveaway is.... Nerdygamergirl!! Congratulations, I'll be emailing you and if I don't hear back in a week I'll draw a new winner.

Monday, August 10, 2009

College Countdown: 3 weeks

So I'm returning to college the last week of August and, although I'm trying not to think about the daunting task of packing my apartment up and cramming all of my stuff back into a teeny dorm room (yes, I'm living in a dorm room again! Why? Well, it's convenient, and I don't know how to clean stuff on my own. Also, less space to tidy up) ... I'm really excited to head back to IU! Here are the classes I'm taking next semester:

I assume this means "Fashion Design 1: Conceptualization." This class is for Fashion Design students ONLY. *jumps up and down* I'm so excited! There's a lab AND a lecture. OOOOH. SUPER excited.

I think this has something to do with finding a job or w/e. Some required bullshit class, I'm sure. At least it only meets 8 weeks.

I think I'll probably do very well in this class. It's only for Apparel Merchandising majors with Business Minors - like me! Business majors don't take it cuz they're special or whatever. *bitter* What? I didn't get in, I can be bitter.

I managed to scrape by with a B in microeconomics last semester and swore never to draw another stupid graph or do another stupid contrary-to-common-sense-math problem again. Analysis I get; technical mathematical stuff makes me want to strangle small innocent children. Kill me. Kill me now.

Why do I have to take this? I tested out of English. I'm brilliant at English. I'm hoping I can drop this stupid for-credit-only class. I think I'm waitlisted anyway.

Ever heard of the freshman 15? How about the sophmore 15? Yeah. I'd like my high school body back, please.

I took intro to anthropology my freshman year, but since I transferred schools my credits didn't fill up all the way and now I have to take practically the same class all over again. Oh well, it's only a 100 level so it shouldn't be too difficult. Maybe now that I'm an *upperclassman* I can bribe some freshies into giving me their notes, or something. *evil grin*

and there you have it. Bad news: classes start at 9:30 am Mon-Thurs (though, I've been waking up at 8am all summer for work so it won't be too big of a difference.) Good news: no classes on Fridays. Bad news: boyfriend and I have no idea what to do about the long distance thing, as he's been staying with me for the past 2 months. We're thinking a homeless shelter and/or a camper. No, seriously.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Worst Morning Evar

On August 4th, Louisville was hit with yet another freak storm (that makes 3 this year: freak wind storm, freak ice storm, freak rain storm, WHAT THE HELL). I had an absolutely awful day and I'd like to complain to all of my wonderful readers about it, even though it was like 3 days ago (clearly I'm still not over it). HERE'S HOW IT WENT DOWN.

* I woke up at 8am to pitch blackness, hail and thunderclaps
* the boyfriend begged me to call into work and spend the day cuddling, but like an idiot I decided work was more important (fatal mistake #1)
* realized I'd left my umbrella at work. (fatal mistake #2.) went outside with a towel over my head.
* Waded out to the parking lot to find that a tree limb had fallen on my car during the night.
* drove to work in pitch black rainy traffic
* realized my regular parking space is 4 blocks from my work and I didn't have an umbrella. (FACEPALM)
* I decided to find a parking space on the street. I realized I haven't parallel parked since I took my fucking drivers test. (fatal mistake #3). About killed myself trying to manage it, called my dad, who works a few blocks away, screaming I DON'T KNOW HOW TO PARK DOWNTOWN HOW DO YOU DO THIS CAN YOU COME DO THIS FOR ME???? In the end though I totally managed it, A+ for me.
* I walked across the street to my office, thinking I'd been all clever for parking so close. However during the proccess of walking this 30 or so feet, I ENTIRELY saturated my pants/socks/shoes with water, as well as getting a faceful of blowing rain despite the towel I was huddled underneath.
* when I finally managed to get across the fucking street dripping wet, I got to the office only for the other intern to tell me that no one else was even in yet. apparently all my coworkers had decided to do the sane thing and lay low until the storm let up somewhat

I spent the whole day in wet pants.


On the bright side of things, it could've been much worse. The apartment across from mine was hit by lightening and burned down. You can watch the videos my boyfriend took of the fire on my Youtube. So, even though I was pissed off and wet all day, at least I dodged losing all of my belongings to a freak lightning accident by a good 50 or so feet.

Monday, August 3, 2009

GIVEAWAY! Win Mario Mushroom Earrings and Necklace

That's right it's time for an OmgLia giveaway!! I will be giving away the following two items:

1 Pair of Mario Mushroom One Up Earrings in red or green
1 Mario Mushroom One Up Necklace in red or green
Total Prize Value: $26

How to Enter
There are several ways to enter this giveaway. Each option is worth 1 entry and you can choose to do as many as you like for a total of up to 7 entries! Leave a comment for each individual entry.

1. Visit http://omglia.com OR http://omglia.etsy.com and pick out your favorite item. Comment with who you would buy that item for (yourself, your 5 year old sister, your grandmother, etc!) and why, along with your email address.

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This giveaway ends Monday, August 17th and a winner will be chosen on that day.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Winner announced soon...check back!