Friday, January 23, 2009

Valentine's Day!

So despite the fact that it looks like this will be the first Valentine's day since FRESHMAN YEAR IN HIGH SCHOOL (yes, folks, no exaggeration) that I will be spending Valentine's Day single, it's still one of my favorite holidays. Why? Two words: pink and white. I LOOOOOVE the V-Day colors! I love walking into stores and having them FILLED with pink and white and red! Not to mention all the HEARTS! I love hearts! Ahhhhh. So, while I might not be cuddling up with my boyfriend this V-day (I might, however, be cuddling up with the ex-boyfriend with whom things are insanely complicated, in which case hey, at least I won't be alone) I've still got the V-Day spirit! Be sure to check out the Valentine's Day Section at to pick up some cute, relevant plastic jewelry!

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Update from my life

* My birthday was the 7th! I'm officially 19 now.
* I have a new boyfriend. He's sweet. We've only been dating like 3 weeks but I think we make a super cute couple :) Pics are coming next week.
* Birthday party tonight!! First one in quite a while. I'm excited. I bought a dress and everything.
* Been too busy here at home to do much crafting, though I'm still getting orders and filling them all the time!

Not that much to update about actually XD