Thursday, February 19, 2009

Raffling off $45 of merchandise for only $5!

Have you ever browsed and thought wistfully, "I wish I could buy a bucketful of this amazing, colorful, funky jewelry, but I'm totally broke and don't have any extra money :(" Admit it - probably (and you probably thought it just like that, too, with the frowny face and everything.)

WELL, frowny-face no more! This is your lucky day! I'm raffling off $45 of merchandise for only $5 a ticket! And to make things even AWESOMER, the first 5 tickets will only cost $3 each!!
Look at all this swag - for the superlow price of one ticket (or 2, or 3 - however many you can afford!) you could open up your mail to this awesome package worth $45. Now that's what I call recession-proof spending! (OK, I'll quit being nerdy.) Included in this sweet swag bag are:

Hello Kitty Cell Phone Charm - valued at $5
Flower Button Earrings - valued at $7
Purple Lilac Button Studs - valued at $3
Pink Striped Little Earrings - valued at $4
Blue Star Keychain - valued at $6
Blue and White Polka Dot HairClip - valued at $3
Green and Blue Polka Dot Hairclip - valued at $3
Rainbow Balloon Earrings - valued at $7
Blue and Green Star Earrings - valued at $7

Raffle ENDS on March 1, 2009 and the first 5 tickets are only $3 each! Buy your ticket(s) NOW and tell all of your friends!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cupcakes and Roses

I made these for my boyfriend and his friends. They were a hit :D

They're duncan hines butter cake box mix (the only box mix I will use - it's SO delicious!) with pink and white buttercream icing, and duncan hines canned chocolate icing. And sprinkles, of course.

this one was my favorite - it matches my hair :D

the second the last sprinkle was sprinkled, everyone started grabbing them :P
and here's part of the valentines day present my sweet boyfriend got me :D not pictured are a box of chocolates (already eaten), a candle, a scarf, and a card!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Free Money

So most of you have probably heard by now of my love for paid-to sites (aka free money). Well my dirt poor boyfriend just signed up for 2 of them and he's working on saving up for college classes this summer so I'm trying to help him out by whoring his referal links around! If you want to read more about the paid-to sites that I love, click here to visit my blog entry with proof pictures and then come back and use these links to sign up!!

Treasure Trooper
Treasure Trooper is my favorite - mostly because they've made me the most money! See those pictures? I made almost $150 for filling out some dumb surveys and doing offeres! They mail checks or deposit in your paypal. TIP: search for keyword "email address" or "zip code" - all you have to do is enter your email/zip code! No forms! They're my faves. Open up a new email account to handle all the spam.

Send Earnings
Send Earnings is good because it's super lazy. They send you emails, you click on them, they pay you. You can receive money when you get $25. They give you $5 when you sign up, plus referrals, and if you're not lazy you can do the surveys and stuff too. I mostly just do the emails, it's a super easy way to add up money fast (each email is about .02, they send about 2-3 a day.) My first payment just arrived in the mail! It takes me about 2 months to earn the $30 just by answering the emails. TIP: save 'em up and then answer them all in a big bundle once a week - they're less annoying that way and you can see how much your money jumps up!