Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Want to make some extra money?

Want To Make Some Extra Money?

As a full-time college student (click here to read more about me!) I am constantly bombarded with a need for more spending money. New books, new clothes, late night Starbucks... *ahem* you know how it is. Of course, I have very little time between studying and, uhhhh, partying studying more. So instead of getting a real job, I decided to take the true college way out and figure out how to make some money online. After I sold all my old clothes on ebay, I turned to surveys and paid-to sites in desperation. To my surprise, I found that some sites REALLY DO pay cash for little or NO work - and it's FREE! Here are my tips for making money online. All of these sites are 100% guaranteed by yours truly and are legitimate and, of course, free. Note: using my links not only helps you make free money, but also helps me earn referral rewards!

Click to View Full SizeTreasure Trooper Paypal Payment

1. Treasure trooper is my favorite - mostly because they've made me the most money! See those pictures? I've made almost $200 for fill
ing out some dumb surveys and doing free offeres! They mail checks or deposit in your paypal.
When Do They Pay? They pay out the 15th of every month as long as your earnings are over $20.
Favorite Feature: Fast paying! The offers are usually approved the same day you fill them out and it's easy to get the $20 needed to receive p
ayment.PRO TIP: search for keyword "email address" or "zip code" - all you have to do is enter your email/zip code! No forms! They're my faves. Open up a new email account to handle all the spam.
Bonus Features: a slot machine where you can win extra money, a $100 treasure hunt, a "trading hut" where you can trade the coins you also earn completing offers for prizes, and more fun stuff! Join Here

Treasure Trooper Payout To Date $249.35

2. Sendearnings is good because it's super lazy. They send you emails, you click on them, they pay you. They give you $5 when you sign up, plus referrals, and if you're not lazy you can do the surveys and stuff too. I mostly just do the emails, it's a super easy way to add up money fast (each email is about .02, they send about 2-3 a day.) My first payment just arrived in the mail!
Best Feature: The "pay per click" emails. Super easy!
When Do They Pay? You can request payout when you get $30. It takes me about 3 months to earn the $30 JUST by answering the emails (but it's faster if you also do surveys and offers).
Bonus Features: SendEarnings has pay to play games, pay-to-shop on some great sites, surveys, and offers, plus a great referal program.
PRO TIP: save your daily emails up and then answer them all in a big bundle once a week - they're less annoying that way and you can see all at once how much your money jumps up from the emails!Join Here

Send Earnings Payout To Date $27.20

3. This site is essentially the exact same as Send Earnings. You get sent emails which are worth about .02 each - which really adds up! You can also do free offers and surveys for money. You get $5 free from signing up. Just think - if you do this along with Send Earnings, you'll be getting at least $60 just from clicking on emails!
Best Feature: The "pay per click" emails. Super easy!
When Do They Pay? You can request payout when you get $30. It takes me about 3 months to earn the $30 JUST by answering the emails (but it's faster if you also do surveys and offers).
Bonus Features: InboxDollars has pay to play games, pay-to-shop on some great sites, surveys, and offers, plus a great referral program.
PRO TIP: save your daily emails up and then answer them all in a big bundle once a week - they're less annoying that way and you can see all at once how much your money jumps up from the emails!
Join Here
InboxDollars Current Earnings: $2 to Payout!

4. Crash Crate is similiar to Treasure Trooper. It has a long list of offers you can fill out for money (things like filling out forms, clicking on offers, etc). I'm new to CashCrate but from what I hear they're one of the best sites out there.
Read more about CashCrate here.
When Do They Pay? after you reach $20.
Bonus Features: They also have points and surveys, and some really good referral benefits!
PRO TIP: Click Here to read an excellent guide on making your first $100 on CashCrate.
Join Here

5. MyPoints no link for this one cuz it's invite-only, you have to give me your email address (email me at lia.saunders (at) It's another one that sends emails that you click on (plus surveys/offers, but I like to be lazy.)
When Do They Pay: You get points that you can then redeem for gift cards, and you can cash in your points as soon as you've earned enough for a reward. There are several different point-reward levels. The retailers you can redeem gift cards at vary from department stores to online retailers to resteraunts. My first reward was a $50 gift card to Macy's, and it hasn't taken me long at all to earn another $50 card.
Bonus Features: Gift cards to my favorite resteraunts/stores, and daily pay-per-click emails that usually contain excellent deals to shop at some of my favorite online sites. (I ACTUALLY use them for shopping. Now that's a good deal!)
PRO TIP: Their "Daily Spin and Win" feature is a quick and easy way to get a few extra points. You can spin once per day and win up to 10,000 points! Also, like the other paid-to email sited, MyPoints paid emails are best to do all at once in a group, and are good for mindless activities such as when you're on the phone or watching TV.

6. ChaCha ChaCha is essentially google from your phone: you text 242-242 (CHACHA) a question, and somebody online looks up the answer for you and texts you back. When you work for them, you are the one answering questions, and they pay you about .10/question. It is a really legit company - you have to fill out a W9 online, and they have about an hour's worth of training material for you to read before you can even be TESTED to become a guide. It's really quite fun and addicting! You can make about $5/hr on average answering questions.
When Do They Pay? You can get money sent to your bank account after you reach $100, or you can sign up for a debit card with them. There are tutorials explaining payout on the ite.
Bonus Features: Answering strange questions is extremely interesting. I have learned so many strange and unusual things that I never thought I wanted to know! Plus, you can select which categories you'd like to answer questions for, to keep it interesting for you. There is also a quality team which pays extra for good answers. NOTE: ChaCha is not always hiring.

7. This is a really awesome Amazon site that is essentially a marketplace for online labor. A company who has a task to complete - something you can do at a computer, like check links to see if they are still up, check if photos are blurry or grainy, taking a survey, proof-reading, etc - lists it as a "HIT" on Mturk, and then users can choose to complete it if they qualify and earn money for each HIT that is accepted. It's great for the company because they can get a lot of different people doing the same tasks - less margin for error that way - without needing to hire someone to do something unskilled and mind-numbingly boring like checking photos for blurriness. Although I just started out on the site (check out my whopping $.70 haha) I found it through a friend who assures me that it is indeed too legit to quit. Score! Amazon is so awesome.

8. Twitter. Yeah, you probably have a twitter already (Follow Me!!) Well, so does everyone else- which some have realized is a great potential market for paid advertising! How can twitter users cash in on this? A variety of sites offer programs where they tweet advertisements under your name and pay per click, referall, or post. The more twitter followers you have, the more your account is worth to advertisers. I'm new to this so no payouts yet - let me know your experiences! Here are some legit, review-backed sites I've found:

So. I've made over $300 on the survey sites I listed, money that I can promise you I have actually received, no scam, into my bank account and straight to my wallet. Think of all the luxuries you could afford to buy! Seriously, sign up, and share your referral links if you've got any.
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Artisticle said...

Wow those things really do send out money. Good job!

Omg Lia said...

Yup! I spent a long time last year trying to find ones that work, so here they are from my personal trial and error!

Anonymous said...

Cool post! I've known a couple people that have done the first one you listed with sucess too.

Connie said...

huh.. i never knew such places existed..

Becky said...

I've tried some of those survey sites but then at the end of the survey you always had to try one of their 'offers' like a magazine subscription or credit card {you could cancel, but what a hassel}. Are these sites like that too?

Omg Lia said...

No, these aren't like that. They're pretty low-effort and no money spent or anything is required at all.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks. I do a lot of surveys too, but had never heard of Treasure Trooper. I also use My Points and Epoll.

Crazy Times Candle & Bath Co. said...

Those look like some great sites.

Here's one we've used to get two free Wii games (Mario Kart Wii and Mario Party 8) and a 1 GB SD card. We got all of this ($120 value of games) within a 3 week period.

Filling out 50 surveys with an email address dedicated to just filling with spam email and entering false address and phone number information for the surveys.

It doesn't get much easier than that.

If you don't have a Wii, don't worry, they have a ton of other great prizes including gift certificates to Target, Best Buy, Ebay and more.

Also, you can request custom prizes from any site you'd like at the value of 1 point = 1 dollar.

This site sent our games direct from and they came 2 days after claiming them.

Anji said...

Any idea about things like this in the UK?

Omg Lia said...

I don't know Anji ... do none of them work outside of the US? That's a bummer :(

Anonymous said... is another really great one. You have to wait a while to cash out, but once you've got enough points they send checks fairly quickly. I've managed to make $250 from them so far, and I'm one survey from getting another $50.

If you want to sign up, I'd really appreciate if you could PM me your email address on LJ (username miss_186) so I could refer you. :)

as for one day said...

Do you get spam to your actual house or phone? Giving out those seems iffy...

Omg Lia said...

It's WAY cheaper for companies to just send email, so no, I really don't.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to bug you, I'm just a random stranger who came across your blog post!

I'd like to use your referrals and get invites to the sites you mentioned. Could you please email me at nasu means eggplant at hotmail dot com? (no spaces, proper punctuation of course.)

It would be much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

hey! I've checked this post and joined treasuretrooper (i am almost positive is clicked your link)i mostly get emails from Send Earnings. I'm trying to make some money but a lot of the surveys i dont qualify for and i have a few random questions about the site. my spam/survey/treasuretrooper email is could you email me some tips and advice on how to navigate treasuretrooper at my normal email: ?? also how do i work this refferals thing??

thanks sweetie!!!!

Strawberry Anarchy said...

wow great blog post! i will have to see if i can use these in the U.K !!

Anonymous said...

I love Treasure Trooper. I've made over $1300 in 3 years from there. I also love It's super easy. You click on teh website, let it run for 30 seconds (there is a timer) and when it's done, you've earned 1 penny. Con is that the pay is reallllly slow and very behind.

WinterLights said...

Hi! I wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing your experiences! I came across your post recently and was inspired to use some of these sites to start making some extra money.

Treasure Trooper is my favorite of the many I've joined. I've made over $35 in just a couple weeks!

I'm also clicking the paid emails from Inbox Dollars and Send Earnings, however I did have a question about that. You mention it takes you 3 months to make the $30 required for pay-out by clicking the emails alone.

According to my own calculations, at a rate of 4 cents per day (2 emails worth) it would only pay $3.60. Is that right? Am I missing something?

xo. Haylee

Burgerg tu said...

Thanks for the info. I signed up on Treasure Trooper, but never really worked on it. Recently I found this new GPT site called GLPBUCKS and it pays more than Treasure Trooper so I just wanted you to know, so you could do like a review or something. I also signed up for the Twitter and CashCrate thing under you. Thanks! :)

OmgLia said...

Try filling out the offers in the quarter bin on treasure trooper, they approve really fast and add up. You just have to enter your address in the first page, then when they try to give you other offers look for the word "skip" "pass" or "no thanks" and keep clicking that until the last page, then click on 2 offers (you don't have to fill them out, just click.) then you're done!

jaslinejones said...

Hi!!. I Just want to thank you for your sharing.