Sunday, May 4, 2008

Craft Fair: The Aftermath

So, that's me ... making a funny face and looking weird at my booth! Just a thought, but the face might have been from the intense freezing cold that was permeating my poor bones (and it was only 8am!) The Chili Cookoff was a total success for chili cooks, but not so much for us crafters .... which was only like 5 people! Lesson learned: only sign up for shows that people interested in buying my stuff will be attending. At any rate, it was an experience. I sat with my sister and her fiance for about 12 hours in 40 degree windy weather (At least it didn't rain) while odd folks in cowboy hats and overalls walking around tasting chili (which was odd, considering I'm from KY and I was in CT, and I definetly didn't expect to see cowboy hats and overalls.) There were lots of little girls with cheap parents who wouldn't buy their kid my stuff (lame) but also some really nice folks including Jillian from Ms. Kitty Fantastico, leader of the CT street team who I met and who is wonderful! All in all, I came out just about even - the entry fee was $50, and I made $41 plus my sister and her fiance bought 3 things which I kind of don't count, hehe. Anyway, in the weeks leading up to my next craft fair (on the 20th!) I'll be posting pics of my DIY labels and signs and whatnot. In the meantime check out My Flickr Photostream for more pics of the fair and what I've been working on!


Tizzalicious said...

Grrr at cheap parents!

Veronika said...

Seems like you had a funny day :) Anyway,as you say,it was an experience and I bet you will never forget this!I wish I could go to a craft show but 1) I dont have so many items and 2) I have not seen any craft shows around where I live. But possibly I might go and sell my bracelets on a festival in August.
Good luck with your future craft shows!!!


Anonymous said...

Good for you for trying! Sounds like it was a good experience..

Rosebud Collection said...

Your table looks great..Craft Fairs are so darn iffy..hit or miss.
Did three this summer with daughter and didn't even break even..We will try again this summer..Hope you do well on your other shows..

Always Amy said...

Looks like a lovely booth.

Craft booths have never worked for me. I tried them several times & it's a no go. :(

Karma by Morgan said...

Your set up looks good! I just had to take pictures of mine after I bought an EZ up last week. I have a show this weekend... I am hoping it goes well AND will take cool pictures like yours :)