Sunday, April 13, 2008

Graphic Art, or Doodling

So, it's a little known fact that I like to do graphic art. Well, art kinda, more like artistic doodling. It all started when I went to Hawaii and there was this museum and it had this kickass giant mural filled with all sorts of colorful shapes and designs and just ... well, it was awesome. Ever since that I sort of wanted to make one of my own. I started out making lovey dovey signs to my boyfriend in class my junior year of high school, and graduated to my current obession, which is doodling on the back of postcards (easier to fill up the whole page, and I can whip one out during a class ... haha.) Here's 2 recent examples (yes, they look the same, but it's 2 postcards)

I like them and all, but damn, I use the same designs over and over! It's like, stripes, checkers, stars, diagonal stripes, hearts ... um, what now?

So I was psyched when a friend posted this link on her livejournal. This chick is an AMAZING artist who does the same kind of stuff that I (try to, but mostly just which I could) do. Here's one of her kickass prints:

Woah. I'm definetly inspired. I've got some blank postcards for Monday and I can't wait to fill them up!
By the way, email me your address if you want one! My friends/boyfriend each have miniature collections so I try to send them to total strangers now instead.


Tizzalicious said...

I like your doodles!

And that piece of art is fantastic!

Diana said...

Don't disparage your abilities! Your art is lovely and unique. Reusing the same motif is something many artists do; it's just illustrative style.

I love the starkness of it all.

Keep drawing!!!

AlwaysAmy said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with!