Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Things to Bring to a Craft Fair: The Ultimate List

I've been reading as many articles and posts as possible in preparation for my first 3 craft fairs, and I've compiled a giant list of things to bring (aside from your items + setup stuff, which I hope is obvious.) Here it is! Please add if you don't see something listed.

-business cards
-credit card accepting things if applicable
-lots of extra change (1$s and coinage)
-Notebook to Sign Up for Mailing List
-photo album of work sold
-prices for everything
-wear my items
-tempting basket of free candy
-other crafter's freebies/promo packs
-bags for people who make purchases (paper, staples?)
-Bring something to work on while you sit behind the booth. Doing your craft on the spot draws in customers.
-Have different levels on your display.
-Bring a CALCULATOR for sale totals
-small plastic bag for trash
-folding chairs
-bring extra lighting
-CLIP ON BACKS and needlenose pliers for jewelry, just in case of requests or repairs
-receipt slips or papers
-tape, paper, pens, scissors
-mirror for jewelry or clothing
-Sign up sheet for mailing list or custom orders
-Writing pens for customers to write checks
-Notebook to note who bought what, payment type & price
-paper towels/baby wipe/purell

Please let me know if I've missed anything!
I found another great link here http://sunshineglassworks.com/articles/craftshowlist.shtml
(Ps - the picture is of jewelry I made over spring break to take to my shows, so it's not TOTALLY unrelated. I think it's an awesome pic though!)


Tizzalicious said...

Such a useful list! I can't wait to do a craft show some day!

Handmade Faire said...

Hey - great blog list! I'm thinking about reposting it on my site for the handmade faire that I'm running : http://www.HandmadeFaire.com

would you mind? I'll credit you!


Omg Lia said...

I don't mind as long as you link back to my blog, please! Thanks :)

A Punkin Card Company said...

Just click on the picture.

A Punkin Card Company said...

I fixed it! Sorry...

Here's the link:


kathijane said...

Hey Lia! Great list. I've added you to my Craft Fair Post:)

Keren said...

Thank you, great post!

Jeweled Blossoms Jewelry Artist said...

And a camera so you can take pictures of yourself at the fair :)

ISoTotes said...

Super List! Good to check off while loading my car!

Xiaan Brits said...

Don't forget a drink and something to eat - otherwise the profit goes to the food vendors .