Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Branching out

So this summer I'll be expanding my selling venues to include brick&mortar stores and craft fairs! If you've got any you'd like to suggest to me please let me know. Here's my list right now:

1. May 3rd New England Chili Cookoff in Somers, CT
2. May20th Butchertown Art Fair in Louisville, KY
3. June 20-21st Lyndon Art Fair in Louisville, KY

and I'll be consigning at Wholly Craft in Ohio! I'm excited!


Livy said...

Wow. Congratulations - I have yet to take that step. I'm a college student too, at ucla. I can't wait for summer - I'll have time to really work on my etsy shop.

Omg Lia said...

Me too! This summer is like a test run for when I'm out of college doing it full time. I can't wait! During my vacations I always get SO much done, too.