Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Mildly Political Wallets Part I

So, after getting another custom wholesale order for my wallets today, and having sold something like over 100 since I created them, I think it's high time to explain my mildly political wallets to those of you out in blogworldland (yes, I made up that word, could you tell?)

First, we have my BITCH wallets. These wallets are made out of glossy copies of BITCH magazine covers. The magazine is a third wave feminist mag focusing specifically on pop culture: hence why, right underneath the word BITCH, are the words "feminist response to pop culture. I came up with the idea to make this wallet last year, when whilst admiring the huge, blatant word BITCH in giant letters, I thought how wonderful it would be to offend people with my third wave feminism every time I participated in consumer culture. So, I got out some clunky clear duct tape (definetly the wrong tape to use, I've switched since then) and covered the whole cover in tape, completely without thinking it out first. I ended up with a flimsy little trainwreck that kept popping open. So I stuck it underneath my sewing machine, which helped. Super proud of my creation, I showed it to my boyfriend (who is, amazingly, still my boyfriend.)
"What do you think?" I asked excitedly.
"It's .... okay," he said, ever the honest critic.
"How much would you pay for it?"
"Maybe $5." Ouch. He was right though, the thing wasn't very high quality.
So, I listed it. And it sold- right away! Not only did it sell, but I got 3 convos asking me if I could PLEASE, PLEASE make another wallet! I was shocked. My crappy wallet ... was popular?? I convo'd back affirming that I could make another one, but I'd have to charge more since I'd used up my only magazine copy, and I'd need to buy another one.
Since then, I've sold several hundred BITCH wallets, and the price and quality have continued to grow (currently $15 retail, $10 wholesale). My boyfriend is astounded by their popularity and maintains that he still wouldn't pay much for any wallet - it's the ATTITUDE of the wallet, I keep telling him, not the FUNCTIONALITY! I also got 3 months of relative fame when BITCH published a letter I wrote them about my wallets - including my url! Myself, I'm just happy to be spreading the word of feminism, advertising my favorite magazine, and shocking cashiers all over the world.

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Tizzalicious said...

Those wallets are great!