Monday, March 24, 2008

Promo packs for craft fairs: send me yours!

I'm doing 3 craft shows this summer, and I really want to help promote other crafters! Here's my plan:

-3x4" ziplocs filled with smaller promos (perfect size for biz cards with samples attached, etc)
I'm going to toss in one of these bags with every purchase, and encourage lookers to take one free from a big promo basket.
Also, they're all going to have a different card facing out the front and back of the bag, so that some people are going to *choose* the bag with YOUR card showcased, just because YOUR card looks so freaking cool to them. Those people are more likely to go to YOUR site ;)

-Other promo items
I have a bunch of freebies that don't fit into the little bags, so these are going to be sitting in a big basket with a "FREE, PLEASE TAKE ONE!" sign! If you have bigger promos, your items will be included in this lot.

Fair dates are May 3, May 20, and June 20-21, so I'll need them before then if you want to be included.
I'm looking to make as many as possible, because I'll use these until they run out and send any leftovers in packages!


Mixed Species said...

GREAT idea on the promo packs!

beadsnbangles said...

Love this idea.

kishcrafts said...

Great idea! Once I received my new business cards in the mail, I will send you a handful. :) Thanks!

pink_chihuahua_art said...

What a wonderful idea!