Sunday, March 2, 2008

First blog

Hi all! I'm a devotee of livejournal, but since everyone and their mom seems to have a .blogspot blog I figured I might as well hop on the bandwagon.

So, I'm doing my FIRST CRAFT FAIR on May 3rd in Somers, CT! I'm so excited. I have a 10x10ft booth and it's a chili cookoff so there will be all sorts of people there! So I've been shopping like CRAZY for supplies. Today I took a trip to the mall (which is such a trek, it's 2 hours round trip on the stupid bus) and spent like $100. Hot topic was having an amazing clearance sale (going out of business = awesome!) and everything was INSANELY cheap, especially for HT! So I stocked up on shirts to reconstruct. Check out the booty:

Mmmmmm. It was a bit embarassing though, I had to ask the saleslady which bands were mainstream and which weren't because I have no idea what the cool kids (well, the ones who shop at Hot Topic anyway) are listening to these days. Apparently they still like Fall Out Boy (which was cool when I was in high school) and some of the other bands I bought that I've never listened to. Whatever. Check out the sweet Snape shirt, though.
I got some awesome cotton knits at JoHanns too, that all match. These will all be turned into tank tops and halters, speak up now if you have any requests :P Most of them will be sold at the fair, but some will be listed on Etsy. I also got tons of beads and buttons to have a little $3 basket of button stud earrings and stuff. OOOH I'm so excited! Any craft fair tips?

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Little Lovables said...

I feel your pain. I am so old it seems that I have no clue what music is cool anymore.

Omg Lia said...

I have no excuse! I'm 18! Lol.