Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Update from My Life

So right now I'm sitting in my parent's house in Louisville, cuddling with my kitty and relaxing. I got back to Louisville on Friday and have been having a great time ever since, save the conflict with my parents about where to put all of my "stuff." Apparently I have too much "stuff" (though it can't possibly be THAT much - I have fit it all into a dorm room for the past 3 years, haven't I??) and my parents want to stick it in storage all summer!! But I refuse to part with my belongings, so instead they sit in the garage until I sort through them all in the next couple of weeks.

I've been spending a lot of time with my Louisville friends who I haven't seen practically all semester!! It's awesome to finally get to relax and hang out doing nothing again. For example last night Richie and I spent a good 4 hours listening to music on his itunes that we'd never heard, watching videos on youtube and taking webcam pictures/videos of us being ridiculous. And we were completely sober. It was a blast!!

On Thursday I'm headed to Kansas City to visit Flobee, aka the boyfriend. He moved out there earlier this semester for an awesome career opportunity (his first job out of college!!) He is thriving and apparently the entire city already worships him (which is not surprising if you've ever met this guy or seen him around campus - he has a huge fan club, everyone loves him because he is amazing and hilarious. I mean his name is Flobee what do you expect.) I'm excited because I've never been to Kansas City before! I'll definetly bring a camera. Then in 3 weeks my sister is having her wedding here at the house, which is going to be really lovely. Then I'm off to Boston for my fashion design internship with Bennett & Company, a lingerie designer! It's turning out to be quite an exciting summer.

Some aforementioned pics of me and Richie:

I'll spare you from the videos we made >.< haha.


Twin XL said...

Awesome pics!!!! Have a great time in Kansas City :)

Dorm Bedding said...

Love the pic with the kitty :)