Monday, May 10, 2010

Sometimes I Make Stuff

So remember the shirt my friend was modelling in the last post? Here it is again if you missed it, along with a very special facial expression. .... verrrry special :D Well anyway, this is one of the 3 items that I constructed this semester and incorporated into my final design line. I have yet to post the design line but it's coming soon! In the meantime enjoy this sneak preview! The shirt itself is made of white cotton seersucker and is adapted from a man's button up shirt pattern and has all of the typical accoutrement's of a man's shirt: a placket on the sleeve, interfaced under collar, flat felled seams, you know the usual. I adapted the shirt to be slightly more womanly (my apologies to Richie, its new owner!) by changing the buttons in the front to fasten woman's style instead of man's style (woman's clothing buttons right over left, man's clothing buttons left over right!) I also changed the collar to be rounded instead of pointed, added french cuffes with purple lining, and used the same Egyptian cotton purple lining for the undercollar. If you turn the collar up it's purple too :) I wanted little hints of purple everywhere. The buttons are also purple of course. Then the back yoke has a chevron bias cut for stretch and a little design interest. I incorporated it into my design line twice, once with on the black jacket that I also constructed this semester ... more on that once I upload some pics of it! I will explain every outfit that I designed in future posts.... and you will understand what I'm talking about best if you have ever read the book White Oleander, or seen the movie - both of which are my FAVORITE EVER OMG. SO GOOD. More to come!!

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Twin XL said...

Awesome work! Can't wait to see the full line :)