Monday, May 17, 2010

"Megan Fox Flawless Skin" Makeup Tutorial

So, although I made a tutorial for flawless looking skin last year sometime (no link, it sucks) I much prefer watching other people's. My favorite ever is this:

I've been doing it for about a week now and have it all down to under 15 minutes, tops. Here's what I look like with it all on:

What do I look like without makeup? Well, the pictures from when I was in the hospital are a good demonstration of the subpar quality of my skin, or you I can demonstrate it for you symbolically.

Like that. Anyway I am really happy about this tutorial and some people asked me if I had all of the products that Kandy used, and what I used. While I had all of the products she used (Except a face highlighter), I did not use the same brands.

-2 foundations, whatever brand you like, one your natural shade and one that's 1 shade darker than what you usually use (it's useful to have a darker shade on hand for when you get tan anyway)
-a powder to go on top of the liquid foundation and set it. I use a powder foundation and a translucent powder, but that's because I truly have awful skin and need that much crap to make it look smooth haha.
-a concealer, i like yellow-toned because I have purple undereye circles, but if you mainly have redness you may want a greenish-toned one.
-a bronzer
-a blush
-a highlight or whitish/cream eyeshadow
-a neutral eyeshadow, but this is optional if you just want to leave them bare with some bronzer in the crease.
-shadow or a pencil to fill in your eyebrows
and of course brushes to apply them. I recommend picking up the $10 travel kit from CVS brand Essence of Beauty which covers the basics. Or there is a little zip-up case from the same brand which fits into a makeup bag and has even more good brush basics!
optional: eyeliner, lipstick, primer

What I did/used:
1. Primer(optional, in my opinion, depending on how late you'll be out that day) I use a little free sample of sephora brand primer, OR monistat chafing gel (weird i know but look it up - same thing as primer :P)
2. almay skin healing foundation in 1 shade darker than my usual color for the outside of my face
3. revlon colorstay foundation in my usual color for the inner 0 of my face
4. clinique concealer (in a tube with a wand) in a yellowish color close to my natural color for my undereye circles, that triangle next to my nose, and all of my reddish acne spots
5. I wipe the sponge i use to apply these on my eyelids to get them covered as well, as she does in the video (I never use fingers though, ew)
6. after I apply all of that I add bare escentuals foundation to anywhere that is still red looking through the foundation using a concealer brush, and then just a light layer all over with a kabuki brush
7. bare escentuals mineral veil with a kabuki brush all over to set my foundation
8. NARS powder bronzer in my cheekbones and close to my forehead - then I used a little brush to apply those lines and the little V on my nose! Then I use the same brush/bronzer applied to the crease of my eyelid.
9. NARS blush in ORGASM on the apples of my cheeks, lightly
10. a yellow-white eyeshadow (smashbox brand in a brown pallette) right under the arch of my brow and in the inner corners of my eye, for highlight. (the only product i'm lacking is a highlight for my face, boo)
11. I fill in my eyebrows either with an eyebrow brush and a dark brown shadow , or a pencil
12. Apply Bare Escentuals flawless mascara
13. Cover lid up to brow with bare escentuals eyeshadow in glimpse - finesse; OR LORAC eyeshadow in Harmony, both very natural, neutral colors that almost match my skin but are shimmery and pretty!
14. if I'm going out I'll add liquid eyeliner, or sometimes waterline my top lids with black liner, and a neutral lipstick.

I know it sounds like a lot but it actually takes me like 15 minutes tops to apply all of this. Post pics if you try this look!


Twin XL said... pics to post, but I LOVE how you do your makeup! Looks really really beautiful :)

Dorm Bedding said...

I'd love to try this, but I'll admit it, I'm too lazy :)