Sunday, May 9, 2010

Outfit Post: Shorts!

Shorts are very difficult to find for me. First off, I REFUSE to wear low-rise anything. Not only because a low-rise pant is ill-fitting on all but the smallest of people, but also because low-rise shorts tend to be about 6 inches too short on me as I am almost 5'10''. I prefer my pants and shorts to have a rise of at least 9 inches! ("Rise" refers to the amount of fabric from right between your legs where that 4-way seam between legs/center front/back meets, and the front top part of your pants, like where they close. A low rise is usually around 6-7 inches, and a mid to high rise can be anywhere from 8-11" - the higher the rise, the closer the top of the pants are to your natural waist.) Anyway, I was lucky enough this season to score 3 awesome well-fitting shorts: a black pair of Juicy Couture shorts from Ebay, and a dark wash denim pair and a khaki pair from TJ Maxx (my favorite store in the universe). Here are some ways that I have paired them so far!

I went walking around Bloomington with my best friend Richie and wore this outfit with a white seersucker blazer and gladiator sandals:

sorry for the crappy webcam pic.
Richie and I matched because he was wearing the white seersucker men's shirt that I made this semester! It has purple lined french cuffs that you can't see because he rolled them up.

We wandered around on the railroad tracks!

And another shorts outfit, from a carnival at my dorm a few weeks ago.

my shorts were wrinkly, ew. Then it got cold so I put on a blazer (love blazers!) and boots.

Boyfriend looked cute too :)


Twin XL said...

Really cute outfits! Love pairing the blazer with the shorts :)

Dorm Bedding said...

I'm just sooo glad it's shorts weather!