Friday, May 7, 2010

Fashion Blogs that I Love


The blogger, Jane Aldridge, captioned this pic with "the Chanel satin patent cap toe pumps I got as a gift from Chanel when I had my fitting for my gown." Omg, who is this girl and can I please be her??? She's only 17 and insanely amazing. She wears all designer clothing, which I am pleased to be able to recognize and identify now that I've aced my costume history class :P


This blog is so inspirational for me as a curvy woman! Never sacrificing fashion for body-consciousness, the blogger, Gabi, always looks fierce and amazing. She has a lot of great pictures of curvy fashion models and links to curvy-friendly fashion designers.


Keiko Lynn has been one of my fashion idols for a few years, ever since I discovered her fashion design company Postlapsaria. She supports herself by blogging and sewing, which I would LOVE to do (and may try for a couple of years after I graduate, just to see if I can!) She's also gorgeous and has an amazing, fun, childishly sweet personality which reminds me a little of myself, since I'm actually a 6 year old stuck in a 20 year old body!

I love the inspiration that these women give me in my career and at school as I study fashion design. What are your favorite fashion blogs? What inspires you in regards to fashion?


Anonymous said...

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Twin XL said...

Oohhh, thanks for the links! I also really like :)

Dorm Linens said...

Oohh, I have to check out Sea of Shoes :)