Sunday, June 22, 2008


Today was the final day of my 2-day craft fair. PICTURES COMING SOON! Suffice it to say that I sold 22 items and made a profit of over $100!! It was a wonderful fair, fireworks and rides and everything, and all of my friends stopped by :) I had a lot of fun!

In personal news, I was just dumped by my boyfriend of almost 3 years and feel totally distraught about it.
So ya know. Feel free to cheer me up or help me stay busy somehow.
Business success really does wonders for a broken heart, though, doesn't it? Hmmm.


twinklyspangle said...

Omg, men totally suck - he probably just couldn't handle your amazing craftiness *hugs*

Tizzalicious said...

I'm glad the craft fair went so well!

I'm sorry to hear about the boyfriend :(

Autumn said...

COngrats on the craft fair:)

Sorry to intrude on your blog, was surfing past:)