Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Craft Fair Pictures!

Pictures of my latest fair, as promised, are here! This first picture is of little Lia the Bear, complete with DIY reconstructed top and ice cream cone! She was popular with the kids who all wanted to buy her :P This fair was 2 days long. These pictures were taken on the first day, which was unfortunately very gloomy and rainy and not too many people showed up. The 2nd day which I have no pictures of was bright and sunny and tons of people came! Also on the second day, I put up a pink sheet in the back of my tent so you couldn't see the ugly caution tape and cars like in this picture, so just imagine that there, hehe. I wore my hair down the first day b/c it was cold, but the 2nd day I was sweating in my shorts all day long! This next picture is of some earring and ring displays and also my newwwwww graphic art wallets which aren't on the site yet but are coming REALLY soon! I sold 2 wallets, and lots of people stopped to look at them, so I hope that's a good sign!

The only snag I hit with my display was that at one point my tent collapsed, nearly taking out a customer! It just started leaning over ... and over .... and over until I looked up and realized it was almost completely parallel to the ground! The weight of the supply displays on the sides must have sagged it down. Anyway the guy next door helped me hammer each leg deep into the ground so it stayed firm the rest of the fair. I guess you get what you pay for, because my tent was $50 on ebay.
The rest of my pictures are over at My Flickr. Suggestions for improving my booth are welcome!


Tizzalicious said...

I love Lia the Bear!

Anonymous said...

wow! thats awesome information, lia thanks! great suggestions-- i have about a month to prepare for a crafts fair-- my first ever i am so excited! i will definitely take the tips into consideration; i will post pics on my blog when its over; wish me luck! i may find one sooner to attend (this one is at the end of july) and i dunna if i can wait that long! keep up the good work and i wish you lots of success and lots of sales.

btw im having a giveaway in celebration of my successful first- make-my-own-paper- gig; i am giving away the first batch of cards from the soon-to-be 100% recycled greetings line. you should check it out!

Annie said...

Have you thought about covering notebooks and photo albums with your wallet prints? Your wallets are sooo cute, but I think those would make more practical gifts.

erinberry said...

Your set-up looks great!