Friday, March 4, 2011

New stuff at OmgLia! Plus, my life.

I know it's been a while. But this is a good update, I promise! First, my life. I'm currently living and working in Orlando, Florida for Walt Disney World. It's temporary, and I'll be moving very shortly to Kansas City to do something completely different. Then I'll go back to college and resume my Project Runway style life of living, eating and breathing fashion design. That's pretty much it on the life part. (Oh- Flobee and I are together and doing great, and he loves me working at Disney because it means he gets to visit the parks for free!) Now, on to the new stuff at Omg Lia!

I added a couple of items to my Etsy Shop, but most of the updates are on my website, Here's a preview:

Oh, and there's a 50% off clearance sale going on! Prices are as low as $1.50, so check it out.

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Nissa said...

Beautiful necklace! I'm also a college student with a passion for jewelry making!
Hope you come vist my blog!