Friday, February 5, 2010

Stuff I think is Awesome Right Now

Things I am currently digging.
1. This song.

The beat is SO good but the lyrics crack me up because they're so terrible/ridiculous!!

2. Valentine's Day!! Four words .... pink, red, white, hearts. I LOVE walking into a store and seeing it all decked out for my favorite holiday!!

3. Costume History! It's one of my classes this semester and I am LOVING it, it's so fascinating. I've always loved history and I've always loved fashion, so naturally I adore this class. Right now we're studying the luxurious 18th century. I want one of those dresses so bad. I want to sew one. I want to wear one. They create such a beautiful, womanly silhouette! Corset or no corset, frankly.

This is from Dangerous Liasions, which my proffessor said is one of the most accurate period movies you can find. I will be watching it this weekend!

I know everyone loves Marie Antoinette, but just going by fashion alone my favorite fashionista of the time is probaby Madame de Pompadour, the king's mistress.

She was super fashionable, and always had Eschelle bows on the front of her intricate gowns!
My favorite designer of the period is also the FIRST designer to be known by name, AND she was a woman! She began as a haberdasher, only allowed to add acoutremonts to already finished gowns, but by patronage of fashionistas such as Marie Antoinette she grew to be extremely well known and well regarded. Unfortunately, Marie Antoinette was a horrible customer who never paid her debts and then got beheaded, so Rose Bertin died in poverty - but at least her name lives on!


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Faith Liamano said...

Let them eat cake!!! But despise the alleged cruel remark, I still love Marie Antoinette's sense of style. I must say it is a shame that the first named fashion designer died in poverty, but I hope she was at least happy.

Twin XL said...

Love me some Timbaland :)