Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New York City!

Lately my family has been experiencing some financial problems, so this summer I found a really well paying internship in an office working for a website. The only problem with this otherwise ideal job is that I work everyday until 5pm, leaving me with very little time for things like socializing and, sadly, my business. I've hardly had time to update my site, much less make jewelry, all summer. And with the new relationship I've begun, has all but been pushed to the backburner. It makes me sad but I'm making more money at this job than I would be doing the site full time. Ah, well.

Anyway, turns out I'm not very cut out for office life. My stress levels have skyrocketed! So I decided to take a vacation last weekend and my wonderful father used his frequent flier miles to buy my boyfriend and I tickets to NYC. We stayed with my sister in Newark and did all kinds of awesome NYC things: we went to Hell's Kitchen Flea Market (I highly recommend it!) and got all manner of useless items (him) and accessories (me). He bought himself a pair of fake D&G sunglasses and a fake Rolex from a creepy street vendor, which made him the biggest, happiest dork ever. That's him modelling them over on the right! We saw a lot of art and went to the Museum of Modern Art, as my boyfriend is an artist. He was quite inspired by the $250,000 price tags on some gallery works. We picnicked in Central Park and stalked the elusive Naked Cowboy in Times Square, who we could not find. It was a really awesome trip and a wonderful break from the monotony of office life!

Now I'm getting ready for Forecastle Festival, a huge arts/music festival in Louisville and my biggest craft show yet! I'll be working my butt off all week, wish me luck!

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Twin XL said...

You guys did it visited NYC in the summer when it
s nice & warm. I was there in April & could only wish for warm enjoyable weather.