Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Craft Fair #2 and my life

Can you see my friend sleeping in the chair behind my tent? Teehee.

My second craft fair of the summer was, to be honest, quite dissapointing. Last year at the same fair I made over $200 - this time I didn't even cover the $75 booth fee, even though the weather was great! I think either there were less people in attendance, or my booth was in a worse location. My other hypothesis is that for the first day, there was a jimmy buffet cover band playing RIGHT NEXT TO ME for 7 hours straight. Unfortunately, I suspect that this awful music drove away some customers as remaining in my tent for over 5 seconds was akin to torture ... at least for me. I hate Jimmy Buffet with a passion. Luckily, there were at least 5 drunk middle aged women who were so into it that I felt entertained enough not to commit a henious act of violence unto either myself or the 5-person band.

Luckily, my friends came to cheer me up and we ate snow cones and acted ridiculous and rode on carousels and conned carnies letting us throw darts at balloons for free. The picture on the left depicts me acting absolutely ridiculous, please enjoy it.

In other news, I got my braces off and I have a new boyfriend (more on him later!) TEETH:

*happy dance*

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Twin XL said...

Aside from the Buffet music (I hate it, too) & low sales, it sounds like it was a pretty good time :)