Saturday, January 23, 2010

Update on my surgery

So I went in for my surgery Friday. It was really not that bad - possibly because I was given 3 IV bags of sedation drugs - and I was only in severe pain for about an hour after I woke up. My friends came to visit me and Flobee (my boyfriend) stayed the night with me watching adult swim and hanging out, which was surprisingly a blast! Also the hospital room was SUPER nice, no hospital smell or anything! The nurses were really friendly and awesome. The bad news is, I have to go back on Monday to get a Pacemaker. So here is an homage to my collar, which will henceforth feature a small raised circle.


StyleInBloom said...

girllllll i've had a pacemaker since 7th grade. its baller.

Twin XL said...

Drugs & good hospital staff can definitely make a surgery more bearable :)