Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Holiday Planning

Indie Shopping is featuring an article about Omg! Lia? Be sure to check it out! There will also be a sponsored newsletter going out to subscribers (it's a great newsletter, by the way!)

In other news, I'm ridiculously busy, hence the lack of updating. I've been working on an Access databse for Omg Lia:

which is quite time-consuming, which on top of schoolwork (ahhhhh) and social life-having is putting a real cramp on my time management :(

I do have plans for the Holidays though - hopefully I'll get them all up and running during my Thanksgiving break in time to have a Black Friday sale! - which so far can be seen at http://omglia.com in the form of a new layout (still working on it though) and Gift Idea categories. I've got gift packaging in the mail and new items to post as well as new advertisements to make (ahhhh! head exploding!) anyway, I'll try to keep posted on what's new with me!

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Twin XL said...

I had never heard of Indie Shopping...thanks for the intro :)