Thursday, October 9, 2008

Halloween jewelry at Omg! Lia?

It's that time of year again! Fall, which is my favorite season (don't forget about my autumn button earrings which are perfect autumn-wear!) and Halloween, which is a wonderful time for people who are into things like free candy, dressing up, and wearing lots of makeup, (um, sign me up for all of the above, please, thanks). And on Halloween you get to all of those things AT ONCE. Amazing. What a great holiday. I am also intrigued by spooky shit, so that gets an A+ in my opinion too. I'm really hoping I'll see a ghost one of these days - my friends see them all the time and I always miss out.

But anyway, we all know the real purpose of those post is (what else) to promote me. Yay, me! I'd like everyone to go and take a look at my Halloween Section (the Etsy has one too) and pick out something pretty and buy it. And I'm going to give you free shipping on it too! Cuz you are great!
Here is one of the new necklaces in the shop:

What's everyone dressing up as for Halloween? I don't know if I can top my last few year's costumes, which were respectively a lamp (age 14, I wore a lampshade) sperm (age 15, I wore a pillowcase that said SPERM on it) a janitor (age 16, I borrowed the school custodian's outfit) and trash (age 17, I sewed that one by hand out of trash bags, and it was super NOT skanky at all.) Ideas?


EBSpider said...

I love that necklace!

That Winsome Girl said...

I love the cameo!

Paper Girl Productions said...

oo I like that...How to run a biz from your dorm room!! Love the necklace!!

StickyKitten said...

that cameo is great! i hope you have a happy halloween. i want to be a character from alice in wonderland =)
ps-i added you to my blog list! thanks for your comment =)

XL Twin said...

Oh, I just love figuring out what to be :)