Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And the winners are ....

I chose the winners for my giveaway the old-fashioned way; I wrote them all down, cut them out, and drew 3 names out of the pile randomly! The winners are sweetcharade, spottedonetsy, and whimsicalcreations. I've emailed them already :) Congrats!

In other words, I've been going through some really rough patches in the personal/romantic areas of my life and haven't been quite as productive as I could've been. But I did manage to make a killing at a local flea market (because I have a bunch of Louisvillians reading this I will let you in on my secret - there's a flea market in Jtown right on Taylorsville road! Check it out!) Here is the stash I scored after 2 hours of frantic searching through MOUNDS of stuff!

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